With a driving cyberpunk music palette, the lore of Scythe is gritty and nostalgic.┬áThis section features some of the concept art of the universe. Retro art is a huge staple within the synthwave community. Synthwave art is known for featuring neon grids, post-apocalyptic landscapes, and sci-fi and horror themes. But years before synthwave existed, the matte paintings of 80’s movies filled screens in cinemas. Prog rock bands such as Yes and space rock such as Ozric Tentacles frequently had sci-fi and fantasy driven album art. And who can forget walking through Blockbuster as a kid and looking at the VHS cover art to horror flicks? These are the true influences of Scythe.

Concept Art | Scythe


“The Scythian Solar System” – KFDDA
A poster of the Scythian solar system.


retro synth

“Paragon Convoy” Jordan Newman
A Paragon Convoy drives through the deserts of Zu-Rakeen.


Specter City

“Specter City” – Jon of the Shred
Specter City stands right next to the Scythian sea, sandwiching the Specter Forest.


The Outcast Isles

“The Outcast Isles” – Jon of the Shred
A Paragon observatory and research facility on one of the Outcast Isles.


concept art

“Northern Outpost” – Jon of the Shred
Paragon’s furthest Northern outpost, after abandoning the Frozen Outpost located in the
Ocean of Ice.



“Ocean of Ice” KFDDA
The Ocean of Ice is a large stretch of frozen tundra at the northernmost point of the country Sabit.


“Blood Run” Jon of the Shred
A relatively safe stretch of the infamous “Blood Run,” a trade route that leads from the
Wall of Rot all the way through the deserts of Zu-Rakeen and into the dangerous Death
Canyon. Cannibal tribes frequently ambush the convoys.


Paragon cyberpunk art

“Fallen Paragon Employee” by KFDDA

This is the blood stained shirt of a Paragon employee murdered by the Meganet Cyborgs.