Synthwave Artists, Graphic Artists, & Writers

This page is dedicated to crediting everyone that’s worked on developing the universe of Scythe Saga, from the synthwave artists to the graphic designers to the writers and translators that made it all happen.


Synthwave Artists


First up is all of the synthwave musicians who contributed songs to the concept compilations. Below is all of their badass logos and a link to their favored website. Be sure to support all of the Scythe alumni and check out there diverse brands of synthwave music! These are the masterminds composing the synthesizer heavy soundtrack to the turmoil of the Scythian Solar System.


20SIX Hundred

Ager Sonus


Amplitude Problem

Beatbox Machinery


beckett synthwave music

Blood + Chrome

blood chrome art

Cluster Buster

cluster buster synthwave music


cryocon dark synth outrun artist


dakarius synthwave


damokles synthwave

Daniel Deluxe

Daniel Deluxe synthwave




datastream synthwave

Ed Harbinger

ed harbinger house


espectrostatic synthwave

Europaweite Aussichten


Fake Stereo

fake stereo synth wave artist

Full Eclipse

full eclipse synthwave music

Hide & Sequence

Hide and Sequence music


Jaunter synthwave

Jon of the Shred

metal synthwave artist

Karate King

karate king synthwave



killstarr synthwave

Kyoto Dragon

kyoto dragon synthwave


Lazerpunk synthwave


lefanu synthwave artist

Max James

Max James Retro Outrun Artist

Miami Supercops

miami supercops music

Neuron Spectre


Night Prowler

night prowler synthwave

Panda P.I.

panda pi synthwave

Powder Slut

Protector 101

Protector 101 synthwave

Python Blue


retro psytrance


Ron Cannon

ron annon synthwave artists

Speed Machine

Star Spawn

star spawn synthwave

Surgery Head

surgery head synthwave

Takahashi Jones

takahashi jones synthwave artist

The Cosmic Void

the cosmic void synthwave artists

The Storm Is Coming
synthwave artists


zone killer synthwave


Graphic Designers


Next up we have graphic designers. These are the people who helped design concept art, album covers, logos and more.


KFDDA – Art Director
Jon of the Shred
– Concept art, album covers
Blood + Chrome – Scythe logo
Sparxx Design – A Clash of Steel and Circuits cover art
Jordan Newman – Concept art, Mutant Devolution cover art
Sam Todhunter – Neon Wolves cover art


Writers / Misc.


In this section we have all of the writers. The people who conceptualized the Scythe stories, write them out or translate passages.


Jon of the Shred – Primary author, writer, editor for End of Days and Neon Wolves. Sole author – A Clash of Steel and Circuits, Entity: Harvest of Insanity, Mutant Devolution, Order of the Impaled, Apocalyptic Dawn: A Retrospective, Precipitous Ascent, Circuit Board Lunacy, The Specter City Slasher. Creator and CEO of the Scythe Universe. Webmaster.
Jean Pierre Van Damme
– Story outlines for End of Days and the Neon Wolves.
Mark Reynolds – Collaborated with JPVD on Chapter 1 of End of Days
Ray Sattler – Translated JPVD’s story outlines on End of Days and the Neon Wolves