FUBAR is a new artist on the Scythe Saga Records roster. His first release through us is called “By Way of Shadows” and serves as a spiritual sequel to our Neon Wolves compilation. This symphonic synthwave journey will captivate listeners. The musical journey presented in this album further fleshes out our record label universe.

Symphonic Synthwave – FUBAR’s “By Way of Shadows”

“By Way of Shadows” is a spiritual sequel to our Neon Wolves compilation. The story follows deadly assassin Yosho Takiharo. For many cycles, Yosho has worked for the criminal organization the Digital Dragons. By chance of fate, Yosho crosses paths with a woman from his distant past, Ogami Eka. Their rekindled romance inspires Yosho to give up his violent life and seek peace in another part of the world. The two plan to move to Macropolis. The Toko-Haratki family dominates Jakith, but their influence has not yet spread to Austiki. In Austiki, Yosho and Ogami will be beyond the influence of the Digital Dragons.


The moods of this symphonic synthwave album dart from morbid and intense to uplifting and inspirational. FUBAR works with a very wide palette of sounds and styles. But the journey throughout the album is consistent with the tone. Dark moments supplement the light moments. The shadows by which Yosho travels are a means to reach the light. But the karma of his violent past seems to follow him across oceans and borders. Inspirational songs give way to dark, reflective pieces. Yosho’s tortured mind is bent and torn as each scenario unfolds. Below I’ve added the story beats for the first 5 tracks. Head over to the Scythe Saga bandcamp to get the full story behind this symphonic synthwave release!


Jakith is a continent full of rich culture. Neon signs dot the skyscrapers, and alleyways are filled with fluorescent lights. The Jakith government is constantly at odds with the various gangs and mafias that run the streets. The strongest of the gangs are the Digital Dragons, the outfit run by the Toko-Haratki family. The Digital Dragons arguably hold more territory than the government itself. They are the most feared gang on the entire planet. Whispers of their power echo even on the streets of Macropolis and Flagg City.

In Jakith, many palms are greased to keep the shaky peace between the establishment and the Toko-Haratki family as stable as possible. These inner turmoils are a frightening mirror to the cold war between Jakith and Austiki, and it’s mega-city of Macropolis. The entire planet of Lleh is a series of rivalries, wars, and corruption. The nights of Jakith can get very cold…and very bloody.


The biggest city in all of Jakith is Kalashi. While not quite as large as Macropolis, Kalashi has an even more dense population, with taller skyscrapers offering more housing. The Digital Dragons run the streets of Kalashi, laying claim to the majority of the districts within. The Kalashi Police Department have long forfeited control and work directly for the Toko-Hartaki family.

The streets are filled with all manner of entertainment and debauchery. Restaurants doting greasy updates to traditional Jakith meals. Strip clubs and brothels filled to the brim with lonely men and even lonelier women. Gambling strips filled with desperate folk trying to turn their last credit into a new start. Weapons stores filled with blades and guns – no permits necessary. Every 4th building was a place to score Red Weed or Angel Tears. The streets of Kalashi were slums, and yet…violence was rare. Infrequent. The Digital Dragons were both feared AND respected. Many would argue they actually enriched the community, and in many ways, they did. But anyone who stepped out of line was dealt with swiftly and mercilessly. Opposition was not tolerated.



Yosho Takiharo is doing his usual rounds, collecting tributes for the Digital Dragons. He has just collected his last “security deposit” and is heading home when he happens to run into a woman from his past. Ogami Eka, his childhood sweetheart.

Yosho and Ogami never thought they would see each other again. Ogami’s family moved and the two drifted, losing contact as Ogami lived on the other side of Jakith, and Yosho descended into the criminal underbelly of Kalashi. Quickly, they are taken in by each other’s essence and their romance blossoms anew. Picking up right where they left off, piecing together the shattered fragments of a distant past, together, until the pieces form together like a puzzle reveal a potential future….a better life. Yosho Takiharo would abandon the Digital Dragons.


The second largest gang in Austiki is the Fury Guild. The Fury Guild are the antithesis of the Digital Dragons. Where the Digital Dragons are cunning, business like, and for the most part seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts and turf wars, the Fury Guild were chaos incarnate. The Digital Dragons lineage went back many many cycles, with deep familial ties. Honor, patience, loyalty, respect…those were all integral parts of the Digital Dragon’s enterprise. The community both respected and feared the Digital Dragons. The Fury Guild were only feared. Very little allegiance existed among the ranks. They had an army of disposable soldiers.

On this night, the two would wage war in Kalashi. And it was on this night that Yosho decides to flee, in an effort to leave his violent past behind him and start life anew with Ogami. It was a dangerous decision. The only time possible to slip away from the den of dragons would be when they were engaged in a violent turf-war. Yosho broke his cell phone, grabbed Ogami’s hand and the two ventured into the night.



Dawn breaks as Yosho and Ogami reach Macropolis. The cityscape spills before their eyes in every direction, beckoning the pair to their new lives. Away from the wrath of the Digital Dragons.
This synopsis has only been extended to the first 5 tracks. Head over to the bandcamp, listen to the album, and read along. Let the story behind this symphonic synthwave album unfold naturally, as was intended with the music accompaniment!