It is with great enthusiasm I announce the Scythe Saga Wiki! This wiki will finally give fans the ability to explore the Scythe Saga lore. Comb through the lore of our record label universe in depth! Myself (Jon of the Shred) and Kaleb Alfadda (KFDDA) will be continually updating and fleshing out all pages of the Scythe Saga wiki. In turn you will all get to see the connections within the Scythe Saga discographies. And to get a better understanding of the stories these releases tell.

Scythe Saga Wiki – A Record Label Universe

The Scythe Saga wiki will go into great detail on the lore of the Scythe Saga Universe. Since 2012, the goal of my Jon of the Shred project was simple. To create a world building narrative through concept albums. (And to create a signature sound, but having a hand in the invention of shredwave is a different story for a different day.) Every piece of music would add further detail to the universe. In 2013, this idea expanded to include other musicians and artists. Thus the Scythe Saga Collective was founded. A group of musicians, producers, artists and writers. A record label universe. The never-ending concept album. A synthwave saga.

Defining Our Record Label Universe

record label universe

Each album and compilation is it’s own separate story. But the albums intersect and coexist in numerous interesting ways. Varied perceptions, timeline jumps, sequels and prequels and spin-offs. Easter eggs, and tie-ins, and cameos. With the exception of Hear the Living Dead and No Man’s Synth, every release in the Scythe Saga discography is canon. There is also art, novels, and more to tie it all together. Each piece of content further supplements the development of this record label universe.

With the wiki, we now have a platform to further describe this universe. Who are the characters that lead the narratives? What are the places they visit? What are the factions they encounter? What is the history of the planets, the traditions of the cultures? What big events happened? Where does Apocalyptic Dawn fall on the timeline? With the wiki we can now answer these questions and so many more. Supplementing our story driven releases, this wiki provides another look into the universe.

Growing Our Record Label Universe

This is going to be an ongoing process. There’s LOTS of lore to cover. As of now we’ve gotten started by describing the planets themselves. Both Scythe and Lleh have a decent amount of information and history added. Even more in-depth is the description of the Paragon Genetic Technology Corporation. As an example of this lore and the depth of the stories, Paragon ties to numerous releases. My most recent release Dawn of Paragon chronicled the early days of Paragon found Dr Zaine Grimm. My third album Circuit Board Lunacy is about a safe-zone Paragon sets up in Donovan City after the zombie apocalypse that occurs in my first album, Apocalyptic Dawn. As a result of the events in Circuit Board Lunacy, Paragon are forced to retread south through the Deserts of Zu-Rakeen, which is the plot of the Mutant Devolution compilation. Not to mention Dr Carpenter, antagonist of the End of Days compilation set on Lleh, is actually the protege of Dr Grimm. Each album can be tied directly to every other canon release in our discography. The wiki will demonstrate just how connected all of these stories truly are.

Speaking of the releases and how they connect, at the bottom of each article, relevant releases and their story synopsis will be added. This will be the definitive way to immerse yourselves in the stories, short of listening to the music and reading the novels!

We’ve also started a Patreon. If you want to see the further development of these projects, the wiki, and more, feel free to donate. Funding will always be put to good use. But regardless, we have plenty more gas in the engine and will continue to provide as much content as possible. With a budget we’d be able to outsource work and release more content faster. But make no mistake, the content will be delivered either way! You’ll be investing into the (first ever) first ever record label universe! A truly innovative idea with potential to grow to so much more!

The Future of Our Record Label Universe

synthwave record label universe

So what do we have in the future? Currently our first lore video is in development. Featuring a brand new Jon of the Shred track and voice narration from David K Jones, this video goes into detail about each planet. This is the first in a line of many planned lore videos that will further supplement the art, music, and wiki of our record label universe. We’ve got three releases set to go. FUBAR will be releasing a full-length album of 14 tracks in the near future. This album will serve as a prequel / spin-off to one of our past compilations. A direct sequel to Dawn of Paragon is in the mastering stages right now as well. And a new compilation with familiar faces (and a few newcomers) will be released as well, and is currently in the works. This compilation is a direct sequel to a past compilation as well. And so much more is planned!

Stay tuned and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! Also feel free to share the wiki and albums, and to let us know how you’re feeling on our Facebook page. We look forward to further fleshing out this universe in the future! Expect more killer content, made for sci-fi, horror, synthwave, and prog rock fans alike!