Scythe Saga Records proudly presents the ORDER of the IMPALED! This horror synth compilation features 11 kick-ass tracks from some of synthwave’s most rockin’ artists.

Order of the Impaled – Horror Synth Compilation

Head over to the Scythe Saga bandcamp page and you can grab a digital copy, a CD, a poster, or all three with the bundle. Follow this link to grab the album! Here’s the tracklist and album embedded below for your convenience.

1. 20SIX Hundred – Consumed By Worship
2. Cryocon –
3. Damokles –
4. Jon of the Shred- Hymn of the Damned (feat. Cody Carpenter)
5. Takahashi Jones –
6. Jon of the Shred – Sanctuary Compromised
7. Titan – Undying Faith (feat. Damokles)
8. Hide and Sequence – Will of the Gods
9. Leonerdo the 13th – The Enlightened One
10. Glitch Black- The Recruitment
11. Deadlife – Mind Splice

With the help from our good friends MerchWave, we are offering Order of the Impaled posters and CDs! Or grab them both in the bundle! Check out the images below to preview the product. Show your support to Scythe Saga Records by enjoying some of the darkest, most narrative steeped music in the entire synthwave genre. This horror synth release will have you begging for more! (At which point, you might wanna check out the full discounted Scythe Saga Records discography!) We have many more BIG updates coming soon and are looking forward to what the year of 2017 brings. It is our pleasure to open the year strong with this first compilation. Before wrapping up the article, I’m gonna drop some lore knowledge blow, so scroll on to get the backstory behind the album!

horror synth compilation horror synth

The Lore of Scythe – The Order of the Impaled

“The Order of the Impaled are nothing but a bunch of delusional fanatics consumed by worship.” – Maverick Cooper

It has been a full cycle since the Apocalyptic Dawn, and the undead now roam the planet Scythe unchallenged. Society has fallen to the zombies, and more survivors are lost every day. In the wake of all the chaos, a man who has lost his family to the carnage has been driven mad. Through his psychosis he has formed a doctrine that worships the Impaled. In these trying times, people are quick to cling to any semblance of reason or sanity. These undead worshipers call themselves the ORDER OF THE IMPALED. The Enlightened One and his Order reside in the abandoned Donovan Stadium.

The Enlightened One sends out vans daily to “Recruit” new members. Those who deny the cult’s indoctrination are deemed heretics and put in the arena against the Impaled. Many pretend to “find their faith,” but are too afraid to leave and face the wrath of the Order inside, or the Impaled themselves on the outside. But when the Enlightened One’s search party capture the Lone Musician, they have no idea what’s in store for them….


Purge the Wicked. Cleanse the Soul. For it is…the Will of the Gods.


Album Credits


Released February 1, 2017


Creative Director: Jon Reilly
Art Director: Kaleb Alfadda
House Engineer: Max Irming
Special Thanks: Jean Pierre Van Damme, Luigi Donatello, Retro Synth