It’s almost upon us. This Sunday, Season 7 of the Walking Dead will premiere. The cliffhanger we’ve all been suffering from will have it’s conclusion. But in the TV show of Walking Dead Negan kills just who? Regardless of the victim, Scythe Saga is here to comfort you. We’re offering a FREE compilation of over 2 dozen synth artists. Get ready to Hear the Living Dead.

STRSGN – Discovery on Route 26 | Walking Dead Negan Kills

Before we get into the topic of who on the Walking Dead Negan kills, let’s take a little detour. Here is a music made by Jean Pierre Van Damme for the track Discovery on Route 26 by STRSGN. TV spoilers in the video for those who haven’t binged the show 12 times on Netflix already.


Most speculation believes it will be either Glenn (SPOILERS: It was him in the comic) or Abraham. Others believe it will be both Abraham AND Glenn. And nearly every other character has had numerous articles wrote about them in the months leading up to season 7. Everyone from series mainstay Rick to peripheral characters like Eugene and Aaron. Comic book spoilers will follow, but here is my take on all options.

Rick Grimes
walking dead negan kills rick
The Walking Dead is truly Rick’s story. He is the least likely character to get the bat treatment. There is a lot of speculation, however, he will be losing his hand. In the comics, the Governor is introduced and quickly establishes himself as a threat when cuts off Rick’s hand at the end of the same issue. Who knows if the show is bold enough to go that far. Andrew Lincoln would have to go through a lot of extra work to keep the “one handed Rick” character going. And Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has always regretted the decision.

Carl Grimes
walking dead negan kills carl grimes
Rick Grime’s son Carl has come a long way from “Carl, get in the house!” The actor himself has aged, what? 7 years? I really don’t feel like he’s a viable option here, his character has so much potential to literally and figuratively grow. It would be one of the more shocking choices though, that’s for sure. That kid is probably set financially for life by now. And it would 100% change Rick forever.

Maggie Greene
walking dead negan kills maggie
Maggie is not only deathly ill but also pregnant. The whole reason they got trapped was to save her and her baby. If she were the choice (and lots of speculators think they saw her ring among the blood stain in the “Right Hand Man” clip) it would be devastating for viewers. Other people noticed Lauren Cohan crying during recent Walking Dead panels. But that could also point to anyone, considering the cast are like a family. It would be a bold choice.

Rosita Espinosa
walking dead negan kills rosita espinosa
Rosita, at this point, is totally under-developed. Her death simply wouldn’t have enough impact. She’s also both badass and drop dead gorgeous, so personally I would love to see more of her in the show.

walking dead negan kills aaron
Aaron has had a bit of development, being buddies with Daryl and helping Maggie out and all, but his death would have 0 punch at this point. Far too new of a character to have any sort of impact. He needs more development, although he has had a good deal for such a new character.

walking dead negan kills michonne
Michonne is certainly a fan favorite in both the show and in the comics. It would be a huge loss if she was the big loss in the season premiere, or among those who in the show version of Walking Dead Negan kills. This would also unhinge Rick. I don’t see it happening though, there is too much in store for Michonne in the future. We need to see her whooping Savior ass in All Out War.

Eugene Porter
walking dead negan kills eugene porter
I like Eugene. He reminds me a lot of a nerdier, less confident Kenny Powers in his mannerisms. He has had a considerable amount of character development, but not enough to pack the emotional punch we crave for this opener. In the comic, there are very juicy story arcs for his character past this point in the show. It would be a shame to abandon these arcs.

Sasha Williams
walking dead negan kills sasha williams
Sasha has been with us since season 3. Could her time be up? She would actually be a pretty good choice. Everyone expects it to be Abraham, but why not Sasha instead? It would completely change Abraham’s demeanor. And it’d be far more interesting than to watch her deal with ANOTHER loss. (First Bob, then Ty, then Abraham? A bit redundant.) I love the character, another bad ass female with the sharp shooter skills of comic Andrea. She has enough depth to be a viable candidate.

Daryl Dixon
walking dead negan kills darly dixon
If Daryl Dies, we riot. A common term thrown around by fans of the show. Daryl is by far the most popular character. AMC would sort of be shooting themselves in the foot killing him off.  But he has arguably had the most character development in the entire show – what a punch to the gut it would be. It is unlikely they’ll go this route. Rumors strongly indicate he is taken captive by Negan, which would make sense. The potential rivalry between him and Dwight is sort of a foregone conclusion at this point. Dwight appeared in the comics after the show had established Daryl as a key player. In many ways, you can tell Dwight took inspiration from Daryl.

Glenn Rhee
walking dead negan kills glenn rhee
The man who cheated death numerous times last season. Including a literal dumpster dive that pissed off many fans of the show. He is the victim in the comics, and his death really changed the entire tone of the book. I think he is a highly likely choice. There has been so much foreshadowing pointing to Glenn. He has been a key player since showing up in the first episode. And he is the moral compass, his character taking influence from Hershel and Dale before him.

Abraham Ford
walking dead negan kills abraham ford
In the comics, Abraham was taken out by Dwight. He caught the bolt to the eye that fell Denise in the show. (Which was hilariously satisfying.) He was my favorite character in the comic, until Negan took over. Personally, I think it would be a huge waste to kill him after sparing him from the bolt. A more interesting twist would be to kill Sasha off, see how this makes Abraham unhinged. He needs to go ape shit in All Out War. To utilize his military experience as one of Rick’s generals. He has so much room to grow, and Kirkman regrets killing him the comics. (It was literally a last second decision before they published the issue.) Frankly, I’d rather see most of the other characters die than Abraham. Dude is hilarious.

Who do you think Negan is going to cut down in their prime? We’ll all find out Sunday, and it will likely be devastating.