The Walking Dead is a phenomena. I had high hopes when a pilot was ordered.¬†As a long time reader of the comics, I figured “Kirkman’s got this.” And also, “So it’s not HBO. But AMC launched Breaking Bad. They might be able to bring the Walking Dead to TV.” And Frank Darabont? He’s no slouch. It was logical to be cautiously optimistic. A mainstream zombie show could gain traction. 7 odd years later and it’s the biggest show on TV. But one of the things missing is a fitting, old school, Walking Dead retro soundtrack. Something that brings listeners back to the George A Romero years. So Scythe presents this Walking Dead retro soundtrack, a synthwave zombie tribue….

walking dead retro

It’s time to Hear the Living Dead! Check out the trailer now right here!

Hear the Living Dead – Walking Dead retro

I remember watching the pilot early. It had leaked. I couldn’t help myself. After watching it, I also couldn’t help sharing it with at least a half dozen friends. “Watch this, this is gonna be HUGE.” Despite these early, optimistic views, I thought the show would lose steam fast. People would bail on Rick Grimes and his rag tag crew and look for their weekly horror dose elsewhere. Maybe the more gimmicky American Horror Story. Not the case.

The Walking Dead is a monolith. Video games, live theme park attractions, mobile apps, books, a spin-off. It’s an amazing evolution of the franchise from it’s birth as a gripping comic series. And an inspiring evolution at that. Season 7 is just around the corner, and we were left on a huge cliff hanger with the introduction of Negan.

the walking dead retro soundtrack

We’ve finally reached that time in the show. Negan is destined to become a fan favorite. If only AMC would allow the use of the word “fuck.” It is a huge part of his character. We can show zombie kids getting shot in the face and people’s intestines getting ripped out, but a few “f” bombs is going too far? I like cursing and tits with my gore, thank you very much.

The Walking Dead is currently 158 issues in. For any fans of the show, you gotta read the comics. Both the changes and similarities make for a shocking read even after watching the show. When I read the comics I tend to put on some old school zombie soundtracks. Which is why I think a Walking Dead retro soundtrack is a great idea.

Like the Day of the Dead soundtrack by John Harrison. Fun fact: Greg Nicotero of the Walking Dead show did makeup FX on Day of the Dead.

Always good to use Goblin pieces from Dawn of the Dead.

Why stop at Romero? Fabio Frizzi got the creepy vibes down with the theme to Lucio Fulci’s Zombi 2.

Always really dug this piece by Paul McCollough. It’s from Tom Savini’s 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead.


This is the sort of vibe we strive to create in the Walking Dead Retro soundtrack. Grab it for free at bandcamp October 25th, 2016!