The time is here. A new Jon of the Shred album will be released at midnight. This one has a pretty unique blend of stuff. But if I had to create an over-the-top genre tag…probably synthwave dubstep psytrance metal. Maybe throw a “filmscore” at the start of that.

Check out the blurb on Drive Radio and tune in to this weeks Synthetix Sundays to catch a listen of the album.

synthwave dubstep

Ecliptic Prophecy by Jon of the Shred (Synthwave Dubstep Psytrance Metal)

Here is a tracklist of the album. It’s currently available for pre-order at bandcamp.

  1. Celestial Warnings
  2. Ecliptic Prophecy
  3. Cosmic Premonitions
  4. Signs in the Stars
  5. Abysmal Sludge
  6. The Dark Cabal
  7. Journey Onward
  8. Flashback Requiem

These songs are a collection of unreleased tracks, or tracks that were released in unorthodox fashions. (Youtube and Soundcloud uploads, for example.) They were recorded from the time of 2009 through 2015. Just a bit of peripheral history on these tracks –

“Celestial Warnings” was originally called “Aracnomorphs.” This was released on a discontinued Scythe release. It’s also floating around on Youtube. Get the high quality version on bandcamp.

“Ecliptic Prophecy” was from an EP of the same name released in early 2011. “Signs in the Stars” was also on that release, and originally titled “Voyage Across Celestial Plains.”

“Cosmic Premonition” was released on the Carpenter Compilation from Retro Promenade. It was titled “Obey, Consume….Escape.” Before THAT, it was intended for release on the Specter City Slasher. 2015 release.

“Abysmal Sludge” is a remake of a song composed in 2008. The remake was made in 2010.

“The Dark Cabal” and “Flashback Requiem” were two older songs as well. 2009 or 2010 I believe. “Journey Onward” was originally titled “Apocalyptic Dawn” and never released. Forgot what year, but it was 2009 – 2011 era as well.

History aside, I hope this release stands well on it’s own as a collection of compositions from one composer that span 7 years. Here’s a Youtube video to get hype.