So I’ve started work on a new Jon of the Shred album. Got a good 8 hour recording session in the other night. Today I started to work on the track again (crashing from 30+ instruments aside) and was listening to the outro. For some reason, Always Sunny sprung to mind. Particularly Charlie’s “high dance” in the Paddy’s Pub Office as Dennis watches on in amazement. I decided to fire up the video on Youtube and they seemed to sync pretty well. So I made a little montage of some of the best Always Sunny dance moments. So I present…

It’s Always Synthwave in Philadelphia – Always Sunny Dance Montage

The unreleased track is called Ambush. I have the concept for the story down. Without giving too much information away, it intersects with the Specter City Slasher and is another prequel set before the Apocalyptic Dawn. I have no planned release date as of yet, but keep checking here and the Youtube channel for more updates. And like Scythe and Jon of the Shred on Facebook for daily posts.

I’m a big fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Not only are the comedic chops excellent, but they’re quite talented musically too. From the gang singing acapella renditions of Boys II Men, to Charlie Kelly’s original compositions, the show really fires on all cylinders. Which is why I made the Always Sunny dance montage.

Some favorite music moments in Always Sunny:

I Like Life At Paddy’s Pub

Go Fuck Yourself
Dayman Musical
The composition of Dayman between Charlie and Dennis
“Does a sick person sound like this?!”
Magic’s in the Air

The clips of Charlie Kelly, Mac, Sweet Dee, Frank Reynolds, and Dennis Reynolds dancing taken from the following episodes from FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties
The Gang Buys a Boat
Charlie Rules the World
Dennis Gets Divorced
Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire
How Mac Got Fat

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always sunny dance

It’s Always Synthwave in Philadelphia – Always Sunny Dance