No Man’s Sky was recently released to mixed reviews. As of August 17th, 2016 it sits at a 4.9 User Score on Metacritic. Yet critics have rated it 71. In No Man’s Sky you explore a┬áprocedurally generated universe. There is infinite space to explore, every planet and it’s unique terrain being completely reachable. There are no intrusive load screens. Meaning you can seamlessly board your aircraft, leave a planet and land on another. Gameplay is tailored entirely to your decisions, in that exploration IS the gameplay. The story is the one you make up in your head. Personally I find this concept very intriguing. And peripherally, I think it’s a type of game that really lends itself to outrun music. This is why I’ve decided (upon the behest of one KFDDA) to compile a FREE No Man’s Sky Synthwave playlist.

No Man’s Sky Synthwave Playlist

Unfortunately I do not have a PS4. I’m still working through my PS3 collection very slowly. Otherwise I’d probably have a few hours clocked into No Man’s Sky myself. KFDDA has told me, however, that he’s been rocking our Scythe discography while playing the game. Apparently it fits the universe very well.┬áSo he suggested we make a playlist and offer it free to players of the game. Without even playing the game I can tell it’d be a good fit. Both concepts (Scythe and No Man’s Sky) are large sci-fi universes. The art aesthetic looks like it could very much benefit from a No Man’s Sky synthwave playlist. The Scythe discography has many songs to choose from, but those with a more space sounding narrative took precedent.


Tracks for the No Man’s Sky Synthwave Playlist were taken from the Scythe discography. With a game that is literally endless, more music is necessary. Grab yourself a free downloaded of the No Man’s Sky Synthwave to fill a bit of the gap when you tire of the games existing soundtrack. This release serves two purposes. The first is to give No Man’s Sky players a free synthwave soundtrack. And if you’re reading this now, it’s safe to assume you like synthwave music. The second is to introduce new listeners to the Scythe universe with a collection of songs pulled from all releases.

  1. Shotgun Revenge – Jaunter
  2. Euphoric Damnation – KFDDA & Jon of the Shred
  3. Project Leviathan – Daniel Deluxe
  4. Entity – Quantum & Jon of the Shred
  5. Nothing is Forever – Cluster Buster
  6. Meganet – DATAStream & Jon of the Shred
  7. General Hicks – Dakarius
  8. Sieging the Wall of Rot – Protector 101 & Jon of the Shred
  9. A Clash of Steel and Circuits – 20SIX Hundred & Jon of the Shred
  10. Legacy – Ed Harbinger & Jon of the Shred

Maybe you’re a bit disappointed with the game. “Where are all the promised features? Where is multiplayer?!” Relax. If you medicate with cannabis, take a few pulls – there ya go. Get yourself nice and toasted. Fire up the free No Man’s Sky Synthwave playlist we’re offering. And just use the game to relax. What are you waiting for? Grab it here, absolutely free, right now!

Synthwave Artists Credit:

20SIX Hundred
Cluster Buster
Daniel Deluxe
Ed Harbinger
Jon of the Shred
Protector 101