Welcome to the homepage of Scythe. Scythe is a synthwave saga, a musical odyssey. It is an on-going project. One might even call it the never-ending concept album. The music is supplemented by art and short stories. The focus of Scythe is to build a universe. A collective of synthwave artists, writers, and graphic designers, all with unique voices, adding to one cohesive narrative.

Scythe draws inspiration from many sources. I wanted to capture the tone of old school horror and sci-fi flicks. To cover various sub-genres – from zombies, mutants, and sentient AI, to fascist governments, serial killer slashers, and cannibals – and to make all these genre staples coexist organically within a cohesive universe.

The main focus of Scythe is narrative. Community narrative. Rich continuity interwoven together. With the potential to expand leaps and bounds as said community grows.


The Never-Ending Concept Album – A Synthwave Saga

Scythe launched on May 4th, 2013 with the release of Apocalyptic Dawn. Primarily a prog rock and orchestral metal album, latent synthwave vibes were definitely present. John Carpenter, Goblin, John Harrison, and other soundtrack composers are among my influences.

Apocalyptic Dawn was released with the intention of starting a musical universe. A universe I could create and work within indefinitely. (The name Scythe was coined by Blood + Chrome, designer of the Scythe logo, years later.) The idea for the universe dated back to my high school days in 2005. I composed a 30 song rock opera. I called it A Gathering of Darkness. It was set on an unknown planet in a distant post-apocalyptic future.

The story continued on December 9th, 2013 with Precipitous Ascent. The story expanded yet again with Circuit Board Lunacy, released on February 28th, 2014. It was around this time I met new friends within the Synthwave community. Artists such as KFDDA, 20SIX HundredRiddlis and many more. Aside from artists I also met scene figures Rick Shithouse (writer of Synthetix.fm) Marko Maric (host of Synthetix Sundays) DJ Spaz (host of Outscape) and Axel (writer of Neon Vice).

Not long after my introduction to synthwave I got an idea. Why not open the musical universe to other producers? Make it a community effort. A bold new universe building exercise. An intent to develop a franchise off the back of concept albums.

Work on the first compilation commenced. The end result? After months of work we ended up with 19 songs. These songs were spread across 3 short albums. A Clash of Steel and Circuits, Entity: Harvest of Insanity, and Mutant Devolution. Each short album featured collaborations between myself and other artists in the scene. A short story came with each to further flesh out the lore.

While I was working on managing this project, I was also collaborating with Luigi Donatello. Luigi Donatello housed Scythe videos on his Youtube synthwave channel. While work on the initial trilogy continued, Jean Pierre Van Damme and myself started writing the story to End of Days. JPVD rounded up an all-star cast of synthwave artists who all crushed it with great tracks. JPVD did an awesome job managing the project, while I took his rough bullet points for a story and fleshed it out into a full narrative.

The rapid fire release of these albums solidified the synthwave saga. Synthetix.FM featured some of the writings. Much of the End of Days group collaborated again on a prequel, The Neon Wolves.

The most recent release in the Scythe discography is The Specter City Slasher. It was released on June 2nd 2015. There is also the freebie Atlas Pass, a free No Man’s Sky Synthwave playlist.

So what’s next for…

synthwave saga
So what’s next in the synthwave saga? An abandoned compilation, “The Order of the Impaled,” was well on it’s way to completion. A resurgence in that project isn’t out of the question. I’m working on my next solo album, and have another special release to drop. There’s no telling what will come first.

What I will tell you is this website will be updated regularly. It’s time to awaken the giant after a long hiatus. I want to document the Scythe universe and it’s lore as it unfolds. Welcome to the new website! I hope to bring you a good deal more synthwave music in the near future!