A string of concept albums, singles, and compilations build the universe over time, each introducing their own unique characters, factions, and story arcs.


Concept art featuring characters, landscapes, and events set within the Scythe universe.


Short stories and novellas set within the Scythe universe. Many tie directly into albums and compilations themselves.

Blog Updates

Synthwave Dubstep Metal | Ecliptic Prophecy

The time is here. A new Jon of the Shred album will be released at midnight. This one has a pretty unique blend of stuff. But if I had to create an over-the-top genre tag…probably synthwave dubstep psytrance metal. Maybe throw a “filmscore” at the start of that. Ecliptic Prophecy…

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Synthwave Production | UVI Falcon Review

First of all, greetings to the readers of the Scythe blog. I am Chris Day, aka Python Blue. Jon felt it best to broaden the subjects of these posts a tad to include production aspects and synthesizer reviews, meaning he brought me on board to cover some of those particular…

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Always Sunny Dance – New Jon of the Shred

So I’ve started work on a new Jon of the Shred album. Got a good 8 hour recording session in the other night. Today I started to work on the track again (crashing from 30+ instruments aside) and was listening to the outro. For some reason, Always Sunny sprung to…

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