A Synthwave Metal Prog Rock Odyssey
A Sci-Fi / Horror Universe

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The Dawn of Paragon

The Dawn of Paragon is a 9 track heavy metal synthwave symphony. This is the 6th Jon of the Shred album. The album tells the origin story of Dr Zaine Grimm. Grimm is a young man who discovers a potentially catastrophic planetary alignment within the Scythian Solar System. His research is interrupted after the tragic loss of his infant daughter. Will Dr Grimm unearth the full truth behind the Ecliptic Prophecy?

From Heavy Metal, to Synthwave, to Spaghetti Western, to swing, blues, jazz, and funk, this album covers a ton of ground musically. Fans of bands and composers as diverse as Meat Loaf, Savatage, X-Japan, Ennio Morricone, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, John Carpenter, and tons more will appreciate the diverse musical soundscapes.

The Order of the Impaled

It has been a full cycle since the Apocalyptic Dawn, and the undead now roam the planet Scythe unchallenged. Society has fallen to the zombies, and more survivors are lost every day. A man who lost his family to the carnage has been driven mad. In his psychosis he has formed a cult that worships the Impaled. These undead worshiping lunatics call themselves the ORDER OF THE IMPALED.

Purge the Wicked. Cleanse the Soul. For it is…the Will of the Gods.

Hear the Living Dead

HEAR THE LIVING DEAD is a retro synth / synthwave compilation album featuring 32 dark, cinematic tracks. This diverse collection of songs is a tribute to all things zombie – from cultural behemoth The Walking Dead all the way back to the film that started it all, Night of the Living Dead.

Fans of synthwave, outrun, retrowave, horror synth, horror soundtracks, prog rock, The Walking Dead, Z Nation, Zombieland, and so much more will love to HEAR THE LIVING DEAD.


Always Sunny Dance – New Jon of the Shred

So I've started work on a new Jon of the Shred album. Got a good 8 hour recording session in the other night. Today I started to work on the track again (crashing from 30+ instruments aside) and was listening to the outro. For some reason, Always Sunny sprung to mind....

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