A string of concept albums, singles, and compilations build the universe over time, each introducing their own unique characters, factions, and story arcs.


Concept art featuring characters, landscapes, and events set within the Scythe universe. From animated comics to prints, art builds upon the universe, supplementing the synthwave music and prog rock concept albums.


Short stories and novellas set within the Scythe universe. Many tie directly into albums and compilations themselves.

Scythe Saga Records Blog | Synthwave Music

STRSGN Video | Walking Dead Negan Kills

It's almost upon us. This Sunday, Season 7 of the Walking Dead will premiere. The cliffhanger we've all been suffering from will have it's conclusion. But in the TV show…
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Walking Dead Retro – Hear the Living Dead

The Walking Dead is a phenomena. I had high hopes when a pilot was ordered. As a long time reader of the comics, I figured "Kirkman's got this." And also, "So…
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Electro Funk Synthwave – Damokles

Damokles recently dropped an electro funk synthwave release known as "Bring Out The Funk." And funky it is. Damokles digs deep and grabs from a plethora of influences to create…
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